Caravans, Motorhomes & Trailers Shipping to/from Australia

Looking to ship a Caravan from the UK to Australia?

Alliance Intercontinental is the number one freight forwarder for caravan shipping from the UK to Australia. In addition to this we can also assist in importing caravans from the USA, NZ and Europe. If you are buying a new or second hand caravan make sure you contact us prior to shipping, so that we can help make all the necessary arrangements and make sure you don't make any expensive mistakes.

We offer both containerised and Ro/Ro shipping options with weekly services from the UK, USA and Europe into the major Australian ports of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, giving you a dedicated, fast, secure, reliable caravan and motorhome shipping service that suits your individual needs.

For more information about caravan import requirements, be sure to have a look at our FAQs page on this website.

4x4 Motor Home Loading - Central America
Touring the world in your new Motorhome?

Not only do we arrange imports, we also arrange exports of caravans and motorhomes from anywhere in Australia to overseas destinations around the world including to New Zealand, USA, Asia, Europe and the UK. This service is especially popular with nomads and travellers who need to ship their vehicles around the world when on expedition.

We also handle camper trailers, horse floats, standard traliers and anything else you may want to hitch to the back of your vehicle.

Contact us now for a quote and let us walk you step by step through the shipping process.

Caravan Shipping Quote
(Length - tow hitch to draw bar, Width and Height)

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