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Caravans & Trailers

We are the number one choice for shipping caravans to Australia from the UK, USA and Europe. If you are importing a new or second hand caravan make sure you contact us prior to shipping your freight.

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Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles

We arrange shipping for all types of cars, trucks motorcycles and other vehicles to/from Australia

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Boats & Watercraft

We can safely pack and stow small boats and jet skis (with or without trailers) into containers, while we utilise roll-on, roll-off and other methods for the larger watercraft.

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Mining & Agricultural Equipment

Alliance Intercontinental is able to help you ship any new or used mining, agricultural or industrial machinery.

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Parts & General Cargo

As an experienced International Freight Forwarder, Alliance Intercontinental can help you move smaller cargo and general merchandise. We can offer the best pricing for smaller shipments, due to our frequent consolidation containers to Australia.

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