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Guidance for Importers of Beef Products

New AQIS Document Type codes are now available to use when lodging a Full Import Declaration (FID) for beef and beef products imported from approved countries.

Our Cargo Vessels Under Foreign Flags

Australia has a national merchant fleet of only 14, due to the preference of vessel owners to sail under foreign flags. The pros and cons of this practice could become an election issue.

New Aircraft Shape the Future

Electric aircraft technology is rapidly developing, with significant advancements due in the 2020s. The key issue will be having the battery energy density to support commercial flights.

Operating Hours Over Easter

Alliance Intercontinental will be closed for Easter Holidays from Friday 19th to Monday 22nd April, 2019. For import collections and export lodgements over Easter please contact us now.

Update on Tobacco Importation Requirements

The Australian Government has announced regulatory amendments to create the tobacco prohibited import control scheme effective 01 July 2019.

Attempt to Smuggle Drugs in FCL Thwarted

Authorities have launched an investigation after intercepting $438 million worth of the drug ice inside an FCL shipment of refrigerators – which had been declared as ovens.

Next-Generation Ships: the RoPax Concept

Roll-on/roll-off ships have been carrying cargo for decades. Now a vessel operator in Finland is preparing to extend the concept to passengers as well.

Vessel Owners Impacted by Sulphur Cap

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will enforce a new global sulphur cap on fuel content for containerships from 01 January 2020, to reduce harmful emissions.

Training Dogs to Sniff out Stink Bugs

Australia’s biosecurity detector dogs now have their noses honed on one of the nation’s most unwanted exotic pests - the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB).

Townsville Airport in Major Redevelopment

On 06 March, 2019, Townsville Airport announced that its redevelopment would progress after a loan was secured from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF).

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