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Drugs Smuggled in Imported Car Parts

Two people have been charged after 490 kilograms of methamphetamine was found inside car bonnets from Malaysia, and seized following a joint operation by Australian authorities.

QLD-India Trade Strategy Launched

Trade and business ties between Queensland and India are set to be strengthened with the launch of the Queensland-India Trade and Investment Strategy last week.

Sunshine Coast Airport Set for Take-off

The visionary $303 million international runway project at the Sunshine Coast Airport is well underway to receive larger aircraft and connect to international hubs.

Health Certification for Imported Prawns

DAWR issues list of overseas trading partners who can supply health certificates that meet Australia’s new import conditions for cooked prawns.

Storage Fees on Your Air Exports

Australia’s airline Qantas has announced that, as from 1st February 2019, cargo lodged with them more than 24 hours prior to scheduled departure will attract export storage fees.

Check Cargo and Containers for Pests

Exotic pests, diseases and weeds can hitch a ride to Australia on vessels, containers and loose cargo. DAWR has released a guide letting importers know what to look out for.

The e-AWB to be Introduced for Air Cargo

Effective 1st January 2019, the electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) will become the default contract of carriage for all air cargo shipments on enabled trade lanes.

Electronic Bills of Lading Pilot

A leading container shipping service has achieved a significant first by using electronic bills of lading for a shipment of containerised grain from Australia to New Zealand.

Biosecurity Risk in Japanese Tyre Imports

DAWR is taking immediate measures to control biosecurity risk in consignments of new oversize tyres imported from Japan after detecting exotic mosquitos in recent shipments.

Clamp Down on ‘Aussie Made’ Labels

New rules have stripped some Australian companies of their ability to include “Australian Made” on their packaging.

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