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Closure of Biosecurity Front Counters

DAWE has announced the temporary closure of client-facing at front counters for the lodgement of import documentation and biosecurity assessment activities in person.

IFAM Cargo Network Assists Exporters

The government has provided a $110 million package to ramp-up assistance to exporters and re-establish global supply chains during the Covid-19 crisis, under a scheme known as IFAM.

Changes to ABF Customs Group Structure

While the ABF works closely with industry and whole-of-government partners in its response to COVID-19, its re-focus of work has required structural changes to the Customs Group.

Assistance for Exporters and Importers

The Australian Government offers assistance to exporters, through EFA, and to importers, through the ATO, who are suffering hardship as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Guidelines for Food Export Establishments

The DAWE has issued an advice regarding arrangements for establishments that prepare and/or store food and other goods for export, including dairy, eggs, fish and processed meat.

Export Ban of COVID-19 Related Goods

Government announces temporary ban of the non-commercial export of certain products essential to combat COVID-19, e.g. personal protective equipment and medical products.

P2C Passenger to Cargo Conversions

As airlines suspend international passenger services until at least end May, it creates a cargo capacity shortfall - and the opportunity to convert passenger aircraft to carry freight only.

Mixed News for Wellcamp Airport

Earlier this month, Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport won approval as a biosecurity first point of entry; this week it has had to announce the suspension of services by airlines.

Flights Grounded but We Still Need Cargo

Thousands of flights have been cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus, but air cargo is in higher demand than ever to transport food, medical equipment and online purchases.

Hand Sanitisers are Dangerous Goods

CASA has reminded exporters, freight forwarders and the general public that Hand Sanitisers (in demand due to COVID-19) are classified as Dangerous Goods for movement on aircraft.

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