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Trans Pacific Partnership Clings to Last Hopes

The White House intends to make a final push to persuade Republican leaders in the US Congress to approve the TPP in a ‘lame duck’ session after their November election.

Australia Must Adapt to its Largest Trading Partner

China is now our largest and most important trading partner. New figures show it is re-balancing imports against exports, and we need to understand the needs of its consumers.

Australia’s New Laws to Tighten Port/Airport Security

Changes to the Aviation Transport Security Act and the Maritime & Offshore Facilities Security Act will strengthen security at our ports and airports.

Qantas Soars With Record Profits, No Thanks to Cargo

Qantas’ 2015 calendar-year record financial performance was the best in its 95-year history - however its freight division failed to keep up.

The World’s Largest Aircraft Takes Off

Is the Airlander the future of heavy-lift cargo, at the dawning of a new age of the airship?

ABF to Collaborate with the Digital Transformation Office

With the Australian Border Force (ABF) having outlined their goals for the coming four years, they have announced they will work with DTO to improve processes for businesses doing international trade.

Kick Starting an Indonesian Trade Agreement

Trade Minister Steven Ciobo has set an ambitious target to secure a comprehensive trade deal with neighbouring Indonesia by next year, during his visit to Jakarta this week.

Autonomous Parcel Delivery is Launched

Starship Technologies have begun real-life trials of small driver-less, robotic parcel delivery vehicles in the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

Australia Signs Agreements to Streamline Trade

Australia signed its first Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) with New Zealand at the World Customs Organization’s Council sessions in Brussels on Friday, 15 July.

China Expresses Pessimism about Global Trade

At a two-day meeting of G20 trade ministers in Shanghai last weekend, China voiced concern about slowed international trade figures.

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