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Update on Asbestos in Imports

The ABF has updated its report on the incidence of asbestos being found in imports, again urging Australian importers to be aware of their responsibilities in observing restrictions.

Changes to Import of Fresh Produce

Biosecurity conditions are currently under amendment for the import of fresh produce, fresh cut flowers, plant products for human consumption, aquatic animals and their products.

Electronic Imported Food Inspection Report

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) will be implementing the electronic Imported Food Inspection Report from 26th June 2017.

Surge in Export Milk Products to China

Australian dairy has been experiencing what is hailed as a ‘white gold’ export boom to China, not only from large corporations, but also individuals and small traders.

TPP Revived, Minus the USA

Australia’s Trade Minister has hailed progress on a new TPP deal, while condemning the Opposition for hastily declaring the pact ‘dead’ after the withdrawal of the USA.

Australia 'Sees Merit' in China's Silk Road Plan

China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative has been unveiled at a two-day summit in Beijing, in which 28 world leaders and representatives from another 70 countries attended.

Exports of Luxury Beef on the Rise

Australia is set to expand the export market for its luxury beef brands in Asia.

Airfreight Owes New Tech to Drug-Tracking

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, originally used by U.S. officials to track drug movements, may now be used to track your air-cargo.

Qantas Goes Non-Stop Australia to London

Qantas has released details of its upcoming direct services from Australia to London - the world’s longest non-stop Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights.

Reportable Biosecurity Incidents

Whenever a ‘biosecurity incident’ occurs, Australian importers must report it to the Department of Agriculture (DAWR). Failure to do so is a criminal offence and can attract a civil penalty.

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