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Exports of Luxury Beef on the Rise

Australia is set to expand the export market for its luxury beef brands in Asia.

Airfreight Owes New Tech to Drug-Tracking

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, originally used by U.S. officials to track drug movements, may now be used to track your air-cargo.

Qantas Goes Non-Stop Australia to London

Qantas has released details of its upcoming direct services from Australia to London - the world’s longest non-stop Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights.

Reportable Biosecurity Incidents

Whenever a ‘biosecurity incident’ occurs, Australian importers must report it to the Department of Agriculture (DAWR). Failure to do so is a criminal offence and can attract a civil penalty.

Imported Prawn Suspension Update

The Department of Agriculture (DAWR) has issued updated information concerning the suspension of prawn imports.

Icebergs Threaten Shipping Lanes

Nearly 500 icebergs enter Transatlantic shipping lanes in an average year. As of April 4, 2017, 455 icebergs have already drifted or been sighted in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Drone Cargo Deliveries Now a Reality

In Switzerland regular drone flights are transporting laboratory samples between hospitals, while a Chinese manufacturer signs deals to export drones & other unmanned aerial vehicles.

Sky’s the Limit for Brisbane Airport

Queensland’s record-breaking aviation industry lifts to a new stratosphere, with BNE being crowned the best airport in Australia-Pacific for a second consecutive year.

Airport Dogs Sniff Out Drugs, Guns, Cash

Security upgrades at Australian airports over the past year have netted record seizures of illegal goods, due in no small part to the K9 teams. Our longest serving sniffer dog ‘retires.’

Logistics Meets Demands of 21st Century

As twenty-first century technology makes leaps and bounds in the area of automation, there are good reasons why your freight forwarder is not about to be replaced by an app.

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