Getting DoA Results Out of Hours

The DoA now has a form for importers and agents to access treatment results outside business hours, replacing phone calls, emails, etc to request “overtime” assessment.

The Department of Agriculture (DoA) has issued Industry Advice Notice (IAN) 164-2019 – Amendment to IAN 162-2019 - New form to request assessment of treatment results outside business hours (during “overtime”). The notice is effective 16th October 2019.

DoA has developed a national form for importers, agents, approved arrangements and treatment providers to use to request assessment by them for onshore treatment results outside normal business hours.

This form replaces various forms and procedures (e.g. phone calls, emails) previously used in different states to request “overtime” for treatment result(s) assessment. The times are based on a nationwide basis and no longer on a state-to-state arrangement.

The DoA’s business hours are 6.30 am AEST to 6.30 pm AEST, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Documents can be assessed outside business hours subject to officer availability. Please contact us for a copy of the new form.

You must submit this form by 3pm AEST on the day service is required or the last business day that falls before you require the treatment result(s) to be assessed. The DoA will respond by 4.30 pm AEST on the day that service is required or the business day that falls before you require the treatment result(s) to be assessed.

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