Update on Tobacco Importation Requirements

The Australian Government has announced regulatory amendments to create the tobacco prohibited import control scheme effective 01 July 2019.

Home Affairs-ABF – Important Update on Tobacco Import Regime and Future Tobacco Importation Requirements Taking Effect on 1 July 2019:
The Australian Government has issued an update on successful implementation of the latest regulatory changes to combat illicit tobacco imports, providing information on how to import tobacco under the new arrangements. 

The Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, and the Assistant Treasurer, Stuart Robert, jointly announced regulatory amendments to create the tobacco prohibited import control scheme and to create a refund mechanism for tobacco sold to duty free operators. These will take effect from 01 July 2019. 

Two new Home Affairs notices have been published to explain these regulatory changes to importers, industry and the public more generally. The changes mean, among other things, that importation of certain tobacco products will be prohibited after 01 July 2019. Anyone who wishes to import certain tobacco products after this date will be required to hold a permit issued by Home Affairs. 

Information about the new tobacco permission requirements has been made available by ABF (Customs) online HERE, including a new application form for permission to import tobacco. Importers are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible before 01 July 2019 to support seamless transition to the new arrangements.

A new tobacco information page has also recently been published on the Australian Border Force website at www.abf.gov.au/tobacco This page explains recent changes to the tobacco import regime and will serve as a reference point for information and guidance about importing tobacco into Australia. The new tobacco web page will be updated regularly and should be monitored by interested parties for the latest information on importing tobacco into Australia.

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