Information for Perishable Cargo Exporters

AMSD has issued a fact sheet for exporters of perishable goods regarding Phytosanitary Inspections after Air Cargo has been Security Cleared.

In the lead up to new security regulations taking effect on 1st March, the Aviation and Maritime Security Division (AMSD) has issued a Factsheet for perishable exporters in regard to phytosanitary inspections of security cleared cargo.

Australian phytosanitary inspections are required for fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and horticultural plants or plant products (for example, dried fruit, nursery stock, cut flowers, plant foliage etc).

Typically for the Known Consignor scheme, opening of a security cleared box or carton would mean that the cargo is no longer cleared and would require re-examination. However, due to the strict requirements associated with phytosanitary inspections, cargo that undergoes a phytosanitary inspection will not lose its cleared status and the Security Declaration for the cargo would still be valid.

In all other circumstances, the opening or unauthorised access to security cleared air cargo would breach the security status of the cargo and it would be deemed uncleared. Under certain circumstances, security cleared air cargo that undergoes a phytosanitary inspection will not have its security cleared status revoked.

The phytosanitary inspection will need to take place at the premises of an air cargo regulated business (i.e. a Known Consignor, Accredited Air Cargo Agent or Regulated Air Cargo Agent) and a staff member of the regulated business would need to be present to observe the phytosanitary inspection to ensure that no unauthorised explosives are placed in the cargo.

Phytosanitary inspections are regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) and can only be performed by an Authorised Officer. For DAWR purposes, the phytosanitary inspection must take place at a registered establishment.

The client is responsible for maintaining the export-compliant status of the consignment, (keeping it in secure conditions) from the time of phytosanitary inspection until the time consignment is exported.

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