Reminder of New Air Cargo Screening

DAWR has issued a reminder notice of new air cargo security rules which will require piece-level screening for all consignments exported from Australia as from 1st March 2019.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) [Biosecurity Policy and Response Branch] has issued Industry Advice Notice (IAN) no. 2018-60, to remind exporters and registered establishments about changes to air cargo security screening for all exports, commencing on 1st March 2019. Export air cargo, regardless of destination, will need to be examined at piece-level, or originate from a Known Consignor.

Changes to air cargo security will apply to all consignments exported from Australia by air regardless of destination - if you currently export to the United States, the new requirements mirror those already in place for that country.

The Department of Home Affairs is implementing the changes. They say the change is necessary to ensure that Australia is responding to the evolving terrorist threat.

DAWR is developing a set of frequently asked questions in collaboration with the Department of Home Affairs which will be provided as soon as possible. They urge exporters to consider how the new security requirements can be managed along with any importing country requirements – such as shrink-wrapping or insect-proofing treated product.

If you are an exporter, DAWR suggests you talk to your air cargo supply chain as soon as possible to understand the impact of the changes on your export business, and your options to minimise any negative impacts (such as potential delays or additional costs).

Issues to consider:
- Possible changes to delivery times or delays
- Possible increases in costs
- Packaging of your products
- Handling of consolidated cargo
- Scheduling of your deliveries
- How your cargo is transported

Should you wish to discuss the possibility of your business becoming a Known Consignor or have any other questions, please contact us here at AIAU.

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