Worldwide Unrest Causes Cargo Delays

Civil unrest continues to cause cargo delays and increased costs in Europe, China, South Africa and Malaysia.

Recently we reported on how the influx of refugees fleeing areas of conflict in the Middle East has caused disruption to cargo movement across Europe. The events in Paris on Friday 13th November have exacerbated that - border checks have been re-imposed at previously open borders, and some borders have been closed, delaying or stopping transportation.

In China, a different set of problems for the supply chain has evolved this year: ‘Moving truck’ thefts have been occurring in several Chinese provinces, including the major production hub of Guangdong. Thieves target in-motion trucks, jumping onto them while they’re moving and stealing goods.

In South Africa, truck hijackings have increased in 2015, and so has violence, with 10 security escorts wounded while attempting to defend cargo trucks from the assailants.

Malaysia, however, has seen high-value cargo thefts decrease this year after a police crackdown on organized cargo theft. The gangs have been most interested in high-value goods, with several thefts of goods valued at greater than $1 million reported.

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