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Caution on Sports Food Imports

The Dept of Agriculture has issued notice IFN 09-19 – Formulated supplementary sports food (updated), adding to the list of substances considered to pose a risk to human health.

Origin Waiver for Australian Trusted Traders

The Department of Home Affairs has issued Notice 2019-23 advising that Australian Trusted Trader importers will no longer be required to present origin certification documents.

Fines Serve as Warning on Asbestos Imports

The District Court of Western Australia has imposed fines on a company for importing gaskets containing asbestos, even though they had imported the asbestos inadvertently.

DoHA’s Annual Time Release Studies

The Department of Home Affairs undertakes annual Time Release Studies to assess Australia’s trade facilitation performance.

Robots Delivering Freight

Ford Motor Company has partnered with Agility Robotics in the USA to explore a possible future where autonomous vehicles transport delivery robots around city and urban locations.

Ports Boss Sacked

The head of Gladstone Ports has been sacked over his handling of a disciplinary matter. He had been under investigation since last year due to concerns raised about conduct.

Updates on Horticulture Exports

DAWR announces reinstatement of PFAs following successful eradication of ‘Qfly’ and postpones implementation of phytosanitary standards for the export of fresh produce.

Guidance for Importers of Beef Products

New AQIS Document Type codes are now available to use when lodging a Full Import Declaration (FID) for beef and beef products imported from approved countries.

Our Cargo Vessels Under Foreign Flags

Australia has a national merchant fleet of only 14, due to the preference of vessel owners to sail under foreign flags. The pros and cons of this practice could become an election issue.

New Aircraft Shape the Future

Electric aircraft technology is rapidly developing, with significant advancements due in the 2020s. The key issue will be having the battery energy density to support commercial flights.

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