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Digital Food Export Certification

Australian agricultural and food producers will get an easier path into international markets with digitisation of export processes to lift their global competitiveness.

Changes in Export Conditions to EU

There are changes to export certification & conditions to the European Union (EU) for fishery products; plants and plant products; honey and other edible apiculture products.

Drugs in Container of Tinned Tomatoes Thwarted

A joint operation known as QJOCTF has stopped a shipment of MDMA pills hidden in a Brisbane-bound shipping container of tinned pulped tomatoes, before it could leave Holland.

New Qantas Freighter Cairns to Hong Kong

With Cathay Pacific having stopped its flights from Cairns to Hong Kong last month, Qantas has stepped in to fill the gap for exporters with the trial of a Boeing 767 freighter service.

Tariff Question Added to Peanut Imports

DoA has advised that peanuts and peanut products will be added to the list of tariffs under the Imported Food Inspection Scheme (IFIS) Community Protection (CP) profile question.

Queensland Export Leaders

Following the announcement of the Queensland Export Awards last month, this week we have economic data showing a Resources boom with coal bringing $1b a week to the state.

Brisbane Competes for Airfreight Market

The opening of Brisbane Airport’s second runway in 2020 won’t just mean more passengers, but allow the city to compete for a greater share of the multibillion-dollar airfreight market.

A Million Cigarettes in Airfreight

The ABF and ITTF have thwarted a brazen attempt to import over a million cigarettes (5,000 cartons) in an airfreight consignment from Korea misdeclared as mini-massagers.

Getting DoA Results Out of Hours

The DoA now has a form for importers and agents to access treatment results outside business hours, replacing phone calls, emails, etc to request “overtime” assessment.

Guide to Prevent Disease in Imports

The DoA has produced a new comprehensive online field guide to better manage the threat of emergency animal diseases, such as African Swine Fever and Foot & Mouth Disease.

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