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International Cooperation Helps Nab Smugglers

The ABF, assisted by the cooperation of Customs services in HK, Singapore & Korea, has seized smuggled tobacco worth more than $11 million in evaded duty over the holiday period.

Changes to International Shipping Terms

International shipping terms are known as Incoterms which change every 10 years and are revised again as from 01 January 2020. They act as a guide for your orders and shipping.

Package Assisting Small Exporters

Grants are available under the PASE program to improve market access for small exporters in the dairy, fish, eggs, grain, plant, horticulture, meat and animal product industries.

Illegal Weapons Imports Seized

A man has been charged after an x-ray of imported parcels revealed 300 prohibited weapons including batons, knives and electronic control devices, which were seized by authorities.

Changes to Industrial Chemical Imports

A new law known as the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS) will replace NICNAS on 01 July 2020, regulating manufacture and importation into Australia.

New Rules for Classic Car Imports

The Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS) has undergone an overhaul, with the new scheme allowing enthusiasts to import a wider range of makes, models and variants.

How Changes to the WTO Affect Australia

The WTO’s Appellate Body will cease to function from midnight on 10 December 2019, when the terms of two of the remaining three judges expire.

Digital Food Export Certification

Australian agricultural and food producers will get an easier path into international markets with digitisation of export processes to lift their global competitiveness.

Changes in Export Conditions to EU

There are changes to export certification & conditions to the European Union (EU) for fishery products; plants and plant products; honey and other edible apiculture products.

Drugs in Container of Tinned Tomatoes Thwarted

A joint operation known as QJOCTF has stopped a shipment of MDMA pills hidden in a Brisbane-bound shipping container of tinned pulped tomatoes, before it could leave Holland.

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