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Cargo Crew Members Testing Positive

The incidence of COVID-19 among crews of international cargo ships continues to be a concern as WA reports more cases onboard two more vessels docked at Fremantle Port.

Port of Brisbane Releases its Report

The Port of Brisbane has released its annual Sustainability Report, outlining its progress and initiatives during the year in the face of challenges posed for ports and logistics by COVID-19.

Khapra Beetle Prevention Stepped Up

This month Australia will commence Phase 2 of the urgent actions addressing the khapra beetle risk in view of global increase and the threat posed to our plant and export industries.

New Concern: Cyber Attacks on Shipping

Cyber attacks on shipping lines and transport companies are a modern-day cause for concern in the logistics industry, with several major container service operators being hit in 2020.

Changes Affecting Food Importers

The Department of Agriculture has advised that they are making amendments to the way they inspect and test some imported food, including certain poultry, seafood and berries.

Qantas Deals with Fall-out from Covid

As Australia’s flag carrier Qantas loses income and sheds jobs, it announces the intention to consolidate operations in fewer locations, while continuing to move air cargo during the pandemic.

Imported Machines Conceal Contraband

An ice-cream making machine in a sea container from Mexico and welding machines in a crate airfreighted from Greece have been found by Australian Customs to conceal drugs.

Banning Imports Related to Terrorism

The Australian Customs Act has been amended to provide a definition of ‘advocating the doing of a terrorist act’ with regard to the import of reading materials or other goods.

Avian Flu Effects on Export Products

Avian Influenza outbreaks in Victoria affect the export certification and the requirements of other importing countries for poultry & ratite products and animal by-products.

Checking on Chinese Paper Dumping

The deadline for Australia’s investigations into the alleged dumping of A4 paper from China has been extended from August to November 2020 to fully consider information by all parties.

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