Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Will I require an import approval to bring my vehicle into Australia?

If the vehicle is to be permanantly imported into Australia and is designed for or can be taken on the road then you will need a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) from the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. It is strongly recommended you do not ship until you receive your VIA. This website has more information about applying for an approval

If you are only travelling to Australia on a temporary basis while on tour or for an event, you may wish to consider applying for a carnet, which will streamline the import process.


Q. Should I arrange Marine Insurance?

We strongly recommend taking out marine insurance whenever you ship your vehicle or goods internationally. There are so many variables with shipping, and insurance allows you peace of mind. Please contact us and we can help you arrange marine insurance.


Q. What are the quarantine requirements on imported vehicles into Australia?

The vehicle must be clean and free of soil, seeds and other quarantine risk material.

 Important areas to check for contamination are wheels, muffler and muffler surrounds, wheel guards, mud guards, underside and interior of the vehicle, spare tyres and boot, engine bay and radiator. Water reservoirs (excluding engine radiators and water used as ballast in tyres) must be emptied prior to arrival. For example, windscreen cleaning reservoirs and any other water collection points must be emptied.

 All second hand vehicles require Quarantine inspection on arrival into Australia. If found to be clean they will be released from quarantine. If contaminated with low levels of quarantine risk material they will be subject to further treatment.

A Packing Declaration is also required outlining what packing materials were used while packing and whether they have been treated or not.


Q. What documents are required for Customs Clearance in Australia?

To complete Customs clearance of a vehicle you need to have the following documentary evidence 

- Order confirmation, which can be either:

  • Copy of online order,
  • Purchase order,
  • Email detailing the purchase arrangements

- Fully detailed transaction invoice

- One of the following as evidence of payment :

  • Receipt,
  • Bank transfer,
  • PayPal,
  • Bank transfer (EFT),
  • Credit Card or Bank Account statement
  • EBay Transaction Number

- Vehicle Import Approval (VIA)

- A Greenhouse Gas (HCFC or HFC) statement/declaration or an Import Licence


Q. Do I require import approval for Vehicle Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Fire Extinguishers and/or Gas Cylinders?

If they operate on HFC, HCFC or CFC a controlled substances licence is required for the importation of ozone depleting substances (ODS) and synthetic greenhouse gases (SGG) into Australia. Refer to the following website:

If they do not operate on ODS or SGG a written confirmation or declaration is required.


Q. Can I ship Personal Effects with my vehicle?

It is possible to ship personal effects along with your vehicle in an FCL, however it is important that you keep a complete list of what items are shipped for clearance purposes. Please note that some Roll-on Roll-off shipping lines do not usually accept personal effects shipments and if they do, they will not accept any liability for loss or damage as per their usual terms and conditions.

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