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IATA Issues Warning on False Declarations of Dangerous Goods

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has warned the Freight Forwarding Industry to be aware that some shippers are trying to circumvent regulations by deliberately shipping dangerous cargo, including lithium batteries, without declaring them.

Update on Cargo from Tianjin: Vessels to be Inspected for Chemical Residue

The DOA has received notification from the Australian Border Force of the potential for exposure to sodium cyanide to vessels and cargo coming from Tianjin, China, following the explosion there on 12th August.

Australia releases Biosecurity 2015 draft

The Australian government has released the first draft regulation under the new Biosecurity Act 2015, giving interested stakeholders the chance to put their ideas forward on how biosecurity risk will be assessed when the new act takes effect next year.

Repercussions from the Tianjin warehouse explosion

Following the warehouse explosion and fires in Tianjin, China, there are reports that the Chinese Government has strengthened their present rules and introduced some new regulations concerning hazardous cargo, while trading companies in Asia turn to air freight to get their freight out of the country quickly.

Choice identifies lower LVT dangers

Australia’s consumer advocacy group Choice has warned Australia’s state treasurers that lowering the Goods and Services Tax low-value threshold (LVT) could lead to consumers paying a new ‘parcel pick-up tax’ when buying from small on line overseas retailers.

Delays in Cargo delivery due to DOA (Quarantine) Processing

Clients experiencing delivery problems due to Department of Agriculture (quarantine) processing delays are assured that the Department has committed to overtime this past weekend, to bring times to within acceptable levels during this coming week.

Compulsory checks of container weights - Shippers to be held responsible.

The UNs’ International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided to make compulsory the verification of the gross weight of loaded containers before their sea transportation, effective 1 July 2016.

Air Cargo - Latest Security Arrangements

To prevent unlawful interference with aviation, the Australian Government has in place measures that require air cargo to be security cleared before it can be loaded on an aircraft.

Boeing Warns about shipments of Lithium-ion Batteries

Contact us before you plan any commercial air shipments containing lithium-ion batteries.

‘Stink Bugs’ pose a very real threat to shipments from USA

Vehicles & machinery from USA will be subject to quarantine regulations during the ‘Stink Bug Season,’ which runs from 1 September 2015 to 30 April 2016.

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