Electronic Bills of Lading Pilot

A leading container shipping service has achieved a significant first by using electronic bills of lading for a shipment of containerised grain from Australia to New Zealand.

A leading provider of managed liner services, Swire Shipping, has achieved a significant first by accelerating a shipment of containerised grain from Australia to New Zealand using electronic bills of lading (eBLs) from Bolero International.

The shipment conducted under open account, from Sydney and Newcastle to Tauranga, was undertaken on behalf of Cargill Australia, a major provider of grain, oilseeds and other agricultural commodities. Cargill Australia employs BSM for trade execution and Bolero for multi-party electronic document presentation (ePresentation).

Following the success of this pioneering New Zealand shipment, Swire Shipping and Cargill Australia are now deploying eBLs for shipments of grain to the Solomon Islands from Australia. The adoption of paperless trade documents not only delivers major advantages in terms of speed, accuracy and security, but places companies at the forefront of a major trend as important trade and regulatory documents such as phytosanitary certificates are digitised.

A spokesperson for the shipping company said that the use of eBLs to facilitate the grain shipment from Australia to New Zealand has demonstrated all the advantages of digitisation in terms of speed and cost. They added that the speed and efficiency generated by the eBL solution allows for the fast release of cargo and gives customers the best level of service possible. All parties understand how electronic trade documents are safer, smarter and faster than their paper predecessors.

It is expected that participation in paperless consignments around the globe will flourish as digitisation solutions such as that offered by Bolero expand to cover more routes. In every market, exporters, importers and shipping lines understand that paper belongs to the past and that digitisation is driving the efficiency of trade into the future.

Sources: Bolero and ftalliance.com.au/news

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