Clamp Down on ‘Aussie Made’ Labels

New rules have stripped some Australian companies of their ability to include “Australian Made” on their packaging.

Australian labels must easily convey where the product is grown, produced, made or packed. This helps consumers make informed decisions about what they buy. According to the website, the Legislative and Governance Forum on Consumer Affairs (CAF) approved the Decision Regulation Impact Statement with the following endorsed options:

  • using the familiar ‘kangaroo in a triangle’ logo
  • displaying the percentage of Australian ingredients with accompanying statement
  • allowing for a 24-month transition period for businesses
  • removing the system from the Food Standards Code
  • creating a new Information Standard under Australian Consumer Law

A report in the Brisbane Courier Mail on 10th October accuses “heavy-handed federal bureaucratic craziness” of putting the $5 billion Australian pharmaceutical industry at risk, claiming that new rules have stripped companies of their ability to put the Aussie Made logo on their packaging. Under the new criteria, a product can only be Australian-made if it was produced here or if the finished product is fundamentally different from all of its imported ingredients of components.

Under previous rules, a business could claim to have made goods in Australia if they underwent a change in nature, form or appearance here and if 50% of production cost occurred here. The Courier Mail report was evidently prompted by complaints from some of the pharmaceutical giants.

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