DAWR Backs Up Its Words with Action

DAWR Tough Stand: First Breakbulk Shipment of 5 Open Top Containers Refused Entry and Remained on the Ship – Now Bound for another Country for Offshore Treatment.

As we reported two weeks ago, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) has stated that ships carrying exposed cargo at risk from Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (BMSB) during the season underway will be refused entry in Australia.

Now, an untreated breakbulk consignment of target high risk goods from a high-risk country has been refused permission to unload in Australia. The shipment of 5 Open Top containers of breakbulk cargo have been refused unloading and remained on the ship. The ship has departed Australia and the containers are en-route to another country to be treated offshore before the containers will be permitted entry to Australia.

Despite strong protests and representations from the Importer, Customs Broker and their Legal Representatives, DAWR held firm and refused entry to the consignment.

Currently, DAWR is assessing several hundred BMSB related consignments en-route to Australia, ascertaining the treatment status. If an untreated consignment of BMSB target high risk goods breakbulk cargo, or in open sided containers, is detected, DAWR will notify the importer/freight forwarder/customs broker to make arrangements for the consignment to be treated en-route at another port prior to arrival in Australia. 

If an untreated breakbulk consignment arrives in an Australian port, it will be refused entry and must remain on-board to be treated offshore before it may enter Australia.

Some freight forwarders may be contacted by DAWR to check the ‘Shipped on Board’ date of the consignment, well in advance of arrival of the ship, to assist in ascertaining the BMSB risk status.

It should also be noted that DAWR are flagging random consignments of target high risk goods from non-target risk countries for verification checks, as part of normal business as usual operations.

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