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Airline Opens New Options by Code-Sharing

Air New Zealand and Qantas this week today announced plans for a reciprocal codeshare agreement that leverages the strengths of each carrier’s domestic networks.

Brisbane Airport Creates Hi-Tech Precinct

Brisbane Airport is leading the way by establishing Australia’s first airport gigabit precinct with 250 km of new state-of-the-art full fibre infrastructure.

Plain Sailing Toward Zero-Emission Shipping

A revival of traditional sailing ships is being tried out with an environmental objective: transporting cargo without generating greenhouse gas emissions. Are they viable?

New Customs Regulations for China

New regulations for airfreight shipments to and within China come into effect on 1st June 2018 and additional information for exports must be submitted prior to departure.

Reminder: Cannabis Imports Remain Illegal

Due to possible misunderstandings by importers, there has been a significant increase in the number of cannabis imports seized at the border over the past month.

Qantas Flies Fine Line Between China and Taiwan

The Australian Government has warned Beijing against using threats to pressure Qantas to refer to Taiwan as part of mainland China rather than a separate country.

Drugs Found Hidden in Imported Caravan

A caravan imported by sea freight from the UK has been found by the ABF to have 94kg of illicit drugs stashed in cavities.

Australia & UK Discuss Post-Brexit Trade Deal

The Australian Prime Minister discussed a post-Brexit trade deal in the UK as well as an FTA in Germany, ahead of a push for a free trade agreement with the EU in Brussels.

Backlash Over Live Sheep Exports

Federal Labor has this week demanded a temporary ban on new live sheep exports during the northern summer.

Autonomous Shipping at Full Speed Ahead

The formation of the world's first autonomous shipping company was announced in Norway this week. Their all-electric autonomous container vessels will begin sailing in 2020.

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